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End Or : Absolutely Empty
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Jason Nocito's new series of books entitled End Or: begins with End Or: Absolutely Empty to be launched February 29th and produced monthly over the period of a single calendar year. Over the duration of the project Nocito aims to create a series of books, as yet largely undefined, printed digitally at Puritan Press in New Hampshire in an edition of only 50 signed and numbered copies. Each book will be produced in an identical trim size that will serve as a document of the artist's working process. By adopting this experimental form and rigorous schedule Nocito is seeking to challenge himself to explore new and unexpected ways of refining his personal practice and evolving attitudes toward editing, sequencing and design. The first book in the series End Or: Absolutely Empty is a muse book devoted to his wife, Megan withEnd Or: ATM to follow in March, it will be a compilation of hundreds of portraits of ATM machines all over the city. At its culmination in 2017 the first ten numbered copies of each twelve volumes will be slip-cased, the rest sold individually as they become available.
Note: This is a very rare  publication for which Dashwood Books will be the exclusive distributor of the series and has consulted with Nocito and designer Camilla Venturini of Ordinary Books in its overall conception and production.  But we here at Kanimambo Books have a couple copies for the right collector. 
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