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Shukyu Magazine #1 - Roots Issue - 1
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Shukyu Magazine #1 - Roots Issue
33 USD
Shukyu is a fresh Japanese magazine focused on the intricacies of  Futebol (aka soccer) culture and design. As with most other things made in Japan, its made with the highest scrutiny and detail with a effortless nod to minimal design. 

Issue one is titled the 'Roots Issue'. All text is in Japanese, but the greatest thing about both 'The Beautiful Game'  and "Timeless Design' is that it operates on a higher universal language where things just work or they don't, no in-betweens.

Incredibly clean photographs by Nao Tsuda, Hideki Makiguchi and Jurgen Teller (amongst others) make it a visual feast. An exploration into classic Japanese football Journals delves into the roots  of japanese soccer culture. Explorations of football kits and ball designs, the meaning of the sport in the art world (wooden ball sculpture anyone?) and the social den graphics of the people involved (portraits and investigations into Brazilian football fans and employees) will have you re-think of the game's undeniable significance miles away from corruption scandals. 

This is an important game beyond money and this publication regards it as such. 

This first  issue will surely become a collectors item.